National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism

The National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism is a consortium of the following six nationally-recognized law school programs on ethics and professionalism:

NIFTEP conducts national and international workshops that bring together leading academics and practitioners involved in teaching legal ethics and promoting professionalism.

Other NIFTEP projects include the International Forum on Teaching Legal Ethics and Professionalism, a user-driven online community and resource library for ethics teachers, scholars, and practitioners worldwide.

Fall 2014 Meeting

Instead of its usual workshop, for Fall 2014 NIFTEP held a working meeting of its consortium law schools November 14-16, 2014 to move forward on plans made at the Fall 2013 workshop, “Are We Making a Difference?”  A formal collaboration agreement has been negotiated with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values at the University of Birmingham (UK), which has received a multimillion grant from the Templeton Foundation to conduct one of the most ambitious empirical studies to date of how professional values are defined and developed. The Jubilee Centre has agreed to modify its existing on-line law student survey for use by American law schools, work with NIFTEP to add new customized questions, and then provide preliminary data analysis.  The plan is to pilot this modified Jubilee survey to students at Mercer next January, at the beginning of its required first year course called the Legal Profession and again at the end of the semester.   Based on evaluation of this pilot, the modified survey could be administered to all entering students at St. Thomas, GSU, Mercer, and IU in Fall 2015. Ideally the Jubilee survey results would be compared with results from other measures such as the Defining Issues Test, Professional Identity Essays, and the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) as well as others to be discussed at the Fall 2014 meeting.  

From past workshop evaluations:

This was the best program for learning innovative ways of teaching legal ethics that I have ever attended.

NIFTEP Spring 2011 Workshop participant

In an evaluation of the Spring 2011 NIFTEP workshop, 95.2% of participants said they would "strongly recommend" attending a NIFTEP workshop.

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